Friday, March 29, 2013

Signs of spring

The title of today’s post may refer to sunny and warmer days and days where you actually can feel the softly, sweet scent of blooming spring flowers spread in the air. However, do not let the title fool you. The spring arrives vary much later here in the North. The times when you can enjoy the warm rays of the sun are unfortunately few and you can still find some white traces on the ground of the past winter. Hopefully, the sun will make its appearance soon and the warm rays will convince those stubborn snowflakes to fly back to the sky. Well, okay the purpose is not to make a weather forecast on the blog. But the things that I wrote about in the sentences above are the reason to why I decided to bring the spring by my own at my wardrobe at least.

I chose two pairs of shoes, both in different styles. The first one tends to appear in a country retro style. A pair of skinny jeans combined with a bold pattern tunic or just with a simple blouse in a bright color would make the perfect match. The second pair is more of a classic flat shoe. What I love about flat shoes is that I can walk in comfort and style as well as they can match almost every piece of my closet.

xxx, Penelope

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pour la Victoire high heels

For just a few days ago, I looked to buy a new pair of high heels. I can tell that I am very picky shopper when it comes to buying shoes especially when I am going to buy high heels. It is very important for me that the shoes fit perfectly my feet because I am going to spend many hours wearing them. All you have to do to know that you made the right choice is to try them on first, of course. However, this time I did not have the opportunity to do that because I bought this pair of shoes online. I actually live in a small city where the variety of shops is quite limited. Therefore, I decided to take the risk and make my order online. I have to admit that shopping online is very practical and I do a lot of my shopping online, although I was a little bit unsure on buying shoes online. I felt instantly in love when I saw them but I could not be completely sure that they would be comfy on my feet until I try them on. Now I can say that I am very happy with the result. They are so elegant and feminine and can be combined with many pieces of my closet. So what about you guys? Are you doubtful about shopping shoes online?

xxx, Penelope